Real Gold Price
Real Gold Price Up Down$1974.43USD
As Of 12/15/2011 @ 12:13AM New York
1 Gram$77.34
5 Grams$318.82
1/10 Ounce$196.70
1/4 Ounce$443.46
1 Ounce$1,743.00


We track current online and offline sales of physical gold to arrive at the real gold price and then publish the data on

Why is this different than the 'spot price'?

Because unlike the 'spot' or paper price of gold which can be easily manipulated by various trading techniques, the real gold price is based on actual sales in the amounts most traded by the common investor.

How often is the real gold price updated?

We update the real gold price daily at around noon New York time.

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We are committed to making the real gold price available to anyone that wants it and we rely on visitors like you to help spread the word about the true value of physical gold.

Spot Gold Price

Spot vs. The Real Gold Price

While the 'Spot' price of gold is derived from futures contracts in blocks of 100 ounces of bullion each, the real gold price is tied to actual sales of physical gold that changes hands between individual buyers and sellers just like you.

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